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Ghostly Legs!


Last spring, in the AM hours of April 22, 2007, my mate Ben and I were returning from a night out. About a quarter mile from home we found our route blocked by multiple fire engines and yellow tape. Billowing smoke and fire filled the sky. We feared it was a friend's business or an apartment building on fire. Since I had my camera, we parked and walked to a spot across the street. It was a popular pizza restaurant. Fortunately no one was injured, but the business was a total loss, and several young people lost their jobs.


There were few people at the scene due to the late hour, excepting two news teams, but only fire personnel were permitted behind the tape where the picture was taken. I have checked the 15 + pictures and video I took and cannot see anyone wearing this type of shoe, including two fire marshals. All the firemen had reflective tape near their ankles. We joked that we'd somehow caught the image of the fleeing arsonists' guilty footsteps. There was an attempted arson across the street two nights later. These crimes remain unsolved, so far as I know.

--Patti R.

That is interesting. Do you see the guy walking away from the fireman? Looks like the top half of the shoes.


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