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Stinging things......
« on: November 25, 2008, 10:59:09 PM »
I have been stung by many stingers....bees, wasps.scorpions,tree asp.

The old remedies I've tried is as soon as you get strung, if there is dirt near by rub it with the dirt, but mud is better. Leave on about 10 minutes.Wash off and apply aloe vera leaf on thick for about an 1 hour. You may want to tape it on. Then tape a copper penny (preferable a wheat penny) in place for several hours. I have seen it work.

Also there is a homeopathy remedy for any stinging, swelling, or burning and it is called apis mellifica.Just place the tiny pills under the tongue to dissolve. Start with 6C and if really bad take 30C every 30 minutes to reduce swelling and pain. You can get at a health food store and some pharmacies.
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