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Al-Queda On the Run


Crazy Horse:
Any idea how the primitives are going to respond to this??

--- Quote ---boruhila (13 posts)      Tue Jan-29-08 09:36 AM
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Al-Qaeda 'On The Run,' Bush Tells Americans
 Source: national post Canada

WASHINGTON - President George W. Bush yesterday hailed the U.S. troop surge in Iraq as a major success that has put al-Qaeda and other enemies of America "on the run," producing successes few people believed possible a year ago.

In his annual State of the Union address to the American people, Mr. Bush said the security gains have been so great the United States is now increasingly prepared to hand over the lead in military operations to Iraqi forces.

"Our enemies in Iraq have been hit hard. They are not yet defeated, and we can still expect tough fighting ahead," Mr. Bush said in the address, his eighth and last as President.

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Very brave posting with only 13 post

--- Quote ---ixion  (1000+ posts)       Tue Jan-29-08 09:38 AM
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1. boy, that's some stamina those guys have
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we've had them 'on the run' for six years now, and we're supposedly still chasin'.
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--- Quote ---JBoy (691 posts)      Tue Jan-29-08 10:43 AM
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8. 'cause they been smoked outta their caves, ya see
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--- Quote ---tekisui  (1000+ posts)      Tue Jan-29-08 09:41 AM
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2. Yeah ****ing right.
 They walked to new safe havens, and re-grouped under his watchful eye.

The Taliban and AQ have just started fighting the Occupation in Afghanistan. Six years on, Bin Laden and his ilk aren't gone or running, and chimpy can't get the job done.

He wants them to remain viable so he can keep up his war-profiteering.

Meanwhile, nearly 5000 US Soldiers have died in his profit-driven wars.
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He was talking about in Iraq you dumbass. Also it's almost 4000 who have given their lives mot 5000 you traitorous bastard

--- Quote ---Roland99  (1000+ posts)       Tue Jan-29-08 09:47 AM
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3. The 2-4% of all fighters in Iraq and the ones that engage in the most spectacular attacks?
 They're on the run, eh? Maybe another ten or fifteen years and they'll be in full retreat!!
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If I'm not mistaken I believe that number is closer to 20%

--- Quote ---Deny and Shred (55 posts)      Tue Jan-29-08 09:55 AM
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4. If we stop paying the Awakening Councils
 then we'll see how 'effective' our security gains are. Bush is delusional if he really thinks the allegiance of Iraqi hordes is in sympathy with the US.

Most neighborhoods have been 'cleansed' in Iraq already. Less motivation for violence at the local level.
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You're a piece of shit primitive

--- Quote ---Tempest (1000+ posts)      Tue Jan-29-08 10:12 AM
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5. As 7 U.S. troops are killed
 They're running all right
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--- Quote ---FATCATs (22 posts)      Tue Jan-29-08 10:23 AM
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6. Freedoms on the march !
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 :censored: :bird:

--- Quote ---Swagman (225 posts)      Tue Jan-29-08 10:42 AM
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7. on the run ?..err..what about Osama whatshisname ?
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I went to that primitive campfire, which has been up for a while now.

The primitives "responded" by not paying any attention to it.

Typical primitives, always ignorant.

SSG Snuggle Bunny:
And yet we have the Anbar Awakening, the Sunni Triangle is no more, the former Zarqawi stronghold in Fallujah is cleared... these idiots have anything apart from a treasonous desire to see the US fail upon which to base their snarking?


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