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"Bouncy Ball tale" made the Urban Dictionary

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Just saw this. So awesome! :lmao:

LMAO... That was the best bouncy EVER!

Ralph Wiggum:
Almost 5 years since the last post, but it seems quite relevant. :cheersmate:

Ralph Wiggum:
Well, it was time to be a thread necrophiliac and dust the cob webs off this golden oldie:

Classic Bouncy Ball tale : So, I was at the convenience store filling up my Prius, and this huge Hummer pulls up covered with W'04 and NRA stickers. A blue-haired old lady steps out wearing cowboy boots and a Huckabee campaign button and immediately starts complaining about the price of gas. I can't contain my rage any longer and finally blurted out, "Did you know that monstrosity you're driving as a replacement for a penis kills 3,500 baby seals a year, and that Chimpy McCokespoon has personally executed over 1,300,000 innocent Iraqis?"

Well she started blubbering something about "terra", and I strode over and kicked the Truck Balls off her trailer hitch, peeled her Columbine-inducing NRA stickers off and handed her a set of enlistment papers for the U.S. Marine Corps. She eventually started crying and confessed that she hated GWB but thought he was the only one who could save her from brown-skinned people.

I proceeded to tell her about how the President ordered the attack on the WTC and how he breakfasts on Afghani babies and light sweet crude. Finally, she thanks me for opening her eyes and I give her a card for the local Democratic Party committee and Code Pink chapter. As she drove off, two homeless people hanging out by the ice cooler started applauding and thanked me for Speaking Truth To Power. The tide is turning, folks.

by dandi56 March 10, 2008


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