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HO-LE-Something. DUmmies outraged at their own promotions

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--- Quote from: enslaved1 on October 28, 2021, 07:46:25 AM ---Just wait until they look at the pictures and read that it was a "Man Pagent" and those were male students in drag grinding on administrators.....

I'd seen a couple of blips about this, the link from the DUmp is the first mentioning the girls in Hooters uniforms, which does appear to be accurate.

--- End quote ---

Per the NYP (and using traditional, accurate, gendering), both male and female students lapdanced and twerked school staff, . Definitely not "a very TFG place". Definitely the fruit - students and staff - of the morals-free, perversion-affirmed PS sex "education" Progs worship.


--- Quote ---How dumb are the so called adults here?
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You tell us.

This is really bad... thats the next county over from my ancestral farm. 15 years ago, this would've been unheard of and that principal would've been taken into the woods 10 feet behind a 4 wheeler


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