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Solution to the School Board madness going on now. Peacetrain

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Ralph Wiggum:

--- Quote from: Delmar on October 27, 2021, 06:06:25 PM ---Freedom is something to be mocked with these shitgibbons.

There're two kinds of people in this country:  Those who cherish freedom and those who mock it.

--- End quote ---

Mentioned this long before there even was a vaccine, in the days when the Chinese Wuhan Red Death was first taking hold of our country.  During the height of the AIDS crisis in San Francisco specifically, they wouldn't close the gay bathhouses because it would piss off the activist left.  So much for screw your freedom back then.

DLR Pyro:

--- Quote ---President Joe Biden mocked at a CNN town hall this week those who worry about vaccine mandates.

"Look, the two things that concern me — one, are those who just tried to make this a political issue. 'Freedom. I have the freedom to kill you with my COVID.' No, I mean, come on. 'Freedom.'" he said in response to a question from Anderson Cooper.
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remind me again of the fatality rate of covid...

Muddling 2:
Let's see:

1 - Stop lying to parents about sexual assaults on school campuses.

2 - Stop enabling sexual predators attacks on students in the schools.

3 - Stop arresting parents who call school boards out on their lies.


--- Quote from: DLR Pyro on October 27, 2021, 06:18:55 PM ---remind me again of the fatality rate of covid...

--- End quote ---

We'd lose more people to lightning strikes - if we could keep the medical malpractice out of the equation.

DLR Pyro:

--- Quote ---Peacetrain (21,188 posts)

Solution to the School Board madness going on now
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make sure all members of the school board are aware they are elected representatives, serve at the pleasure of the voters and respect the people who elected them into office...

--- Quote ---California school board member caught on hot mic saying ‘f--- you’ at parent

The president of a California school district was caught cursing on a hot mic during a school board meeting Tuesday, after a parent gave a speech knocking masks in classrooms and COVID-19 vaccination mandates for students.

Lauren Roupoli, who called herself a concerned parent, addressed the Los Alamitos Unified School District Board of Education and spoke about the problems she perceives are involved with enforcing a mask mandate in children.

Her belief is that any possible benefit is far outweighed by the risks.

In her fiery speech, she accused one board member of criticizing parents for voicing their legitimate concerns. She drew applause when she said, "We are vocal because we are our children’s biggest advocates."

Her comment apparently did not sit well with Marlys Davidson, the board’s president, who was picked up on a hot mic saying, "F--- you," during the applause.
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