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A thought about Huma Abedin

In her new book, she relates a repressed memory of being sexually assaulted by a sitting Senator. She doesn’t name him and she leaves enough details out of the recollection to make an identification of the offender nearly impossible.

Ms. Abedin tells this story, I believe, to demonstrate how women can repress unpleasant or even dangerous memories that can then resurface when a trigger revives the past event. Incidentally, I suspect that men are susceptible to similar memory issues.

Perhaps Ms. Abedin’s assaulter was a Democratic Senator. After all, she says she accepted an invitation to his apartment for coffee. Would Ms. Abedin really go to the apartment of any Republican?! (She relates that the Senator apologized several days after the incident; would any Republican do that?) I think she wanted to illustrate how the Kavenaugh SCOTUS hearings revived those ugly memories and lend support to Dr. Blasey Ford and Kavenaugh’s other accusers’ statements.

It’s a strange story and although I admire Ms. Humedin and respect her willingness to tell of her experience, this seems like an odd time to make such a vague allegation. Clearly, she didn’t want to publicly malign her attacker. Why now?

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"Repressed memory" my ever-lengthening balls. She's out of the news cycle, so she wrote a book to try to make herself relevant again.

If the "sitting Senator" who assaulted her was a Republican, she'd have howled it from the rooftops. This either didn't happen, or Hillary herself cornered her in a ladies room for a little taste of what she'd been missing since Bill had Vince Foster suicided.

Mr Mannn:

--- Quote ---In her new book, she relates a repressed memory of being sexually assaulted by a sitting Senator. She doesn’t name him
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Hillary was a Senator. fits the bill.

If she means a currently sitting Senator then Chuck would be the first suspect.

67 Rover:
Harry Reid around the time he mysteriously showed up with a Black eye.  :-)

Ralph Wiggum:

--- Quote from: Mr Mannn on October 27, 2021, 11:03:55 AM ---Hillary was a Senator. fits the bill.

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Heard an interview of her on a conservative show and she talked glowingly about the first time she met Cankles, and sounded like a giddy schoolgirl.  Something like "she was so gorgeous and surprisingly cute and little."


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