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AOC being a huge hypocrite

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We all know that AOC is a hypocritical ass but this thread revealed some new information about her.  First the OP which just notes that wanting to live in a stylish neighborhood in DC costs money:

--- Quote ---Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin (69,427 posts)

Chasten Buttigieg says he and Pete couldn't afford more than a 1-bedroom apartment in DC

Chasten Buttigieg is still adjusting to his new life in the nation's capital, but one thing has become clear to him: The city is too expensive.

That's what he told The Washington Post in an profile published Monday. The former middle school drama teacher moved from South Bend, Indiana to Washington, DC in January for his husband Pete Buttigieg's new job as President Joe Biden's transportation secretary.

One of the couple's "favorite" pastimes is scrolling through real estate website Zillow, trying to guess the prices of properties in DC and then being blown away by the actual cost.

"We're doing fine for ourselves, and [yet] the city is almost unaffordable," Chasten told The Post. "Which tells you how extremely unaffordable it is for many people."

The couple resides in a high-end 800-square-foot, one-bedroom apartment in the Capitol Hill neighborhood, The Post reported. They secured a longer lease for $3,000, with two months rent-free, according to the outlet. 
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But this reply caught my eye:

--- Quote ---sir pball (3,691 posts)

10. He can't afford more than a 1 bed in one of the most expensive DC neighborhoods*

I just signed a lease in the Woodleigh Park neighborhood of DC, about three or four miles away from where he's living...not too far from the Harrises, as a matter of fact.

900sf 1-bed, security, gym, parking, all utilities for $2000.

The Eastern Market neighborhood is only slightly less expensive than AOC's luxury new-construction apartment down in the Navy Yard neighborhood, which is probably (for apartments at least, the Georgetown neighborhood is 1% pricey but it's houses proper) the most expensive part of DC - it's price comparable to the elite neighborhoods of Manhattan such as the Battery Park City neighborhood, or Riverside Drive.
--- End quote ---

Yep, the woman who fund-raised on the fact that she couldn't afford to live in DC on her paltry salary lives in one of the priciest neighborhoods in the city.  But what really jumped out at me is that the Navy Yard neighborhood is also the most gentrified part of DC.  Where she lives used to be a 95% black slum.  The city tore down the housing projects and boarded up properties, tossed all the blacks on the streets, built the Washington Nationals park and provided incentives for commercial and residential development in the area.  At the same time, NAVSEA relocated into the Navy Yard, which triggered the relocation of all the Navy subcontractors into the area which further drove commercial and residential development.  So the area around the Washington Navy Yard has subsequently gone from a crime-ridden ghetto to a upscale neighborhood full of high-rise office complexes and top-end apartments.  This website says that this area may be the gentrified in the country:

--- Quote ---This story map is designed to allow you to assess the level of gentrification in one small area: Census tract 72, located in the Navy Yard neighborhood of Washington, D.C. Gentrification can be measured quantitatively using three indicators: 1) change in median household income; 2) change in percentage of residents with a college degree; and 3) change in median housing value. Based on these measures, we can conclude that Census tract 72 has gentrified. It may even be the most gentrified neighborhood in the nation. Since 2000, the median household income in Census tract 72 has increased ten-fold; the percentage of people with a college degree has increased ten-fold; and the average home value has increased three-fold. Although racial change is not technically included in the measure of gentrification (which focuses on economic changes), it is often part of the popular definition. Thus, it is worth noting that the Black population of this tract decreased from 95% in 2000 to 24% in 2018. And the White population increased from 3% to 68%.
--- End quote ---

I seem to remember her hating gentrification and claiming to fight for the lower income people, particularly in terms of housing.  Wonder if she has any idea what used to be standing on the property that is now her luxury apartment complex.

SSG Snuggle Bunny:
That's our money they're living on.

From what I've read, Buttigieg's salary is around $220K a year. WTH is Chasten whining about?! Big-time clue:

--- Quote ---... former middle school drama teacher ...
--- End quote ---

Chasten should have gotten in his apps at DC schools and while he's waiting for the teacher's union to allow them to reopen, take barista or fryolator training!

Muddling 2:

--- Quote from: SVPete on July 27, 2021, 08:05:55 AM ---From what I've read, Buttigieg's salary is around $220K a year. WTH is Chasten whining about?! Big-time clue:

Chasten should have gotten in his apps at DC schools and while he's waiting for the teacher's union to allow them to reopen, take barista or fryolator training!

--- End quote ---

I don't suppose he could learn to code?


Ralph Wiggum:

--- Quote from: Muddling 2 on July 27, 2021, 08:38:11 AM ---I don't suppose he could learn to code?


--- End quote ---

Or build solar panels.


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