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Someone please explain this to me:

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Someone please explain this to me:

Last night I was channel hopping and stumbled across a panel on CNN. Two experts, one apparently a physician, and the moderator, discussing what is now another wave of infections--entirely foreseen, entirely preventable, and entirely the result of Republicans (mostly) rejecting the calls to be vaccinated.

This led into a discussion of how using the term "a pandemic of the un-vaccinated" somehow was offensive to un-vaccinated people. And they all seemed to agree: yes, we should all stop using that expression!

WTF?! Why oh why oh why are we still in this frame of mind where we're the ones who have to defer to them? These are folks who through their stubborn foolishness have sabotaged our response to the pandemic.

Hundreds of thousands have died, millions may have their long term health compromised. Those in school sacrificed more than a year of their education, a year of their childhood while we were waiting for the vaccines in order to spare the lives of the very people who are now putting them at risk.

This is a pattern now. We can't call the most racist, homophobic, misogynist supporters of Mango Mussolini "deplorables" because it offends them. We can't call the president a liar even when we know he's lying because... I don't know, decorum? After the election we were told by pundits not to rub Orange Dubious' face in the loss because "he needs time to process."

Did any of that work? Did the media holding back for four or more years somehow ameliorate any of the horrible shit they put this country through?

I didn't listen long enough to hear why these pundits think playing nice with these folks will make any difference whatsoever, but maybe someone can fill me in.

Here's how I see it: our house is on fire, and we're asked to please be nice to the people who have put up a barricade to prevent the fire trucks from getting through.

Has anyone else heard this newest appeal to make nice so as not to hurt the fee fee's of the anti-vaxxers? Can anyone explain to me how not using the term "pandemic of the un-vaccinated" will somehow sway these folks to join us in objective reality?

Good morning to you all, and thank you for indulging my rant. I apologize if I've added to the general gloom this morning, but I just had to get that off my chest.
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--- Quote ---Star Member Vinca (46,606 posts)

1. I didn't hear that segment on CNN, but I totally agree with you on all your points.

Blame should go where blame belongs and it's foolish to coddle these imbeciles by tip toeing around their feelings. It's not going to change anyone's mind if we make a point of being overly kind to them. They won't decide to get vaccinated until hubby's on a ventilator and the rest of the family is feeling ill and maybe not then. After all, they "need their freedoms." I'm afraid it's too late for even the their great orange god to save them if he made more than a half-hearted effort. They're trapped in Q and facebook and conspiracy theories.
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2. It's maybe just the pendulum swinging too far again...

For years we have been getting away from blame. Some of that was fine, because not all poor people are poor because they are lazy, and not all Hispanic or Black criminals are genetically driven to that life. Nor are they all driven to it by their circumstances. Some people are just lazy or bad. Or both. Life is complicated.

But, that seems to have gone too far, and we have lost the will to shame the shameful. In our drive to eliminate insults and concurrent "-isms", we seem to have forgotten that some people are wrong, and do deserve blame and shame for the damage they do. There are certain standards of behavior that really should be maintained. While we shouldn't throw out insults randomly, there are times when we really should call out antisocial behavior.

I suspect the media is gun-shy from constantly fielding complaints about every little thing, and really hates the thought of an organized backlash if they call anti-vaxxers they idiots they are. And the crooks, like Mercola, who profit off of them.
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--- Quote ---Star Member thucythucy (6,062 posts)

4. I don't know if I buy that, but

in any case it's ironic that the very people we're now asked to hold blameless are--in my experience anyway--the same folks who blame the poor for their poverty, the sick for their illness, and the traumatized for their trauma.

Republicans and conservatives have always been "tough on crime" until their own criminality is exposed. And there has always been a strong element in our society--its nexus being conservative evangelicals--who seem to think that they can be forgiven for any crime, sin, or shortcoming as long as they "take it to Jesus." The party of "personal responsibility" has never held themselves personally responsible for anything.

I think your second explanation--in your last paragraph--is more likely. It's the same dynamic that has media kowtowing to conservatives so as not to be accused of "liberal bias."

Which is a bit of corporate cowardice that is going to kill a whole lot more of us before this sad episode is done.
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15. Exactly!

The idea of a "liberal media" has always been a rather pathetic joke.

It is corporate media, and their religion is "trickle down economics works!" It works exactly as they want it to, a class of insanely wealthy and vast staggering poverty. It is the recipe for the social upheaval caused by the feudalism that brought us starving onto these shores for a new way of life.

In the name of "both sides" the middle has been inched toward the extreme right.

Keep feeding the peasants with pitchforks fear and hate, it has been 40 years since they found a spokes model with a sunny disposition to read the script and sell the masses on an end to their own American Dream. They found a good ole boy to have beer with, then an uncharismatic stiff. Where better than reality TV to find their front man? For Sale to the highest bidder, but sadly, someone bid higher-Putin, UAE, Mohammed Bonesaw Salman, and their front man was/is a raging lunatic who thought he was the man in charge, not the help. He didn't bother with keeping the corruption on the down low.
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20. For the GOP anti-vaxxers

I think they'd be better off reminding them that the vaccines were developed DURING THE TRUMP ADMINISTRATION, and that even though he had COVID-19, Trump and all of his family were vaccinated.

But that won't help with the people of color who fear they are being used as guinea pigs for a vaccine that was approved on an emergency basis.

It won't help convince the people like Jenny McCarthy and that quack Dr. Mercola who are against ALL vaccines.

It won't help the teenagers and young adults who are more afraid if potentially serious, though very rare, side effects.
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--- Quote ---Star Member FakeNoose (19,110 posts)

16. +1000

Some Repukes are quietly, secretly getting the shots, but they're still telling everyone they know, "Don't get vaccinated." That includes all the show hosts on Faux Noise.

Isn't that just the definition of evil?

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--- Quote ---Bernardo de La Paz (37,744 posts)

6. Deplorable MAGAts should be offended, as often as possible. They're a minority who have earned it

Isolate them. Let them feel the only home they have is their ever-shrinking tRump tRain.

Let them huff and puff in their steam engine as we ride the sustainable bullet trains of the near future.
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--- Quote ---Bernardo de La Paz (37,744 posts)

7. The best way to stop MAGAts in their tracks is to tell them they were lied to

It's a way to be nice to them and to smack them in the face with facts.

If they can be persuaded they were lied to, they can "save face" and simultaneously leave their lying media sources.

Just calmly insist on the truth and let them get heart-attack-danger angry. It's a stage of grief.

Counter every idiotic assertion with facts and be calmly entertained by their paroxysms of anguish.
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--- Quote ---Star Member 3catwoman3 (17,447 posts)

9. To paraphrase that T-shirt that some of the MAGATs...

…love to wear - **** Their Feelings.
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--- Quote ---Star Member WhiskeyGrinder (12,952 posts)

18. It's not a pandemic only for the unvaccinated. It's a pandemic for all of us. Calling it a pandemic for the unvaccinated makes it easy for the vaccinated to think they're in the clear as far as having to change their way of life at all. It's kinda trash and also not so great for vaccinated people who care for those who can't get vaxed for whatever reason.
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A primitive wants someone to explain to them the stupidity of CNN, so they ask fellow primitives who are stupid enough to regard CNN as a legitimate source of accurate information.

That whole thread is an example of the blind leading the blind.


Here's a legitimate "explain to me:"
If all these people who got the vaccine are now vaccinated, how is it that new cases for kungflu have 40% of people vaccinated catching it?


--- Quote from: USA4ME on July 26, 2021, 08:58:33 AM ---A primitive wants someone to explain to them the stupidity of CNN, so they ask fellow primitives who are stupid enough to regard CNN as a legitimate source of accurate information.

That whole thread is an example of the blind leading the blind.


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The mental image that came to me was a circle jerk, but yours is just as appropriate a discription.


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