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DUmmies want to know why white people are sullying African olympic teams

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What's with these white African Olympians?

most countries have one or two. Some have several. I imagine some wealthy descendant of a colonizer who's never set foot in the country deciding they want to go to the Olympics as an equestrian or some such, and buying their way on to the team. Doesn't seem right at all.

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Only black people may exist in Africa, of course.

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3. Somalia, Uganda, Botswana

were three I noticed in particular. Botswana had a tall white dude as flag bearer.

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Of course, it takes about two seconds to google "white people in Botswana" and get - wait for it - an article LITERALLY TITLED 'WHITE PEOPLE IN BOTSWANA'. Turns out about 4-5% of Botswana is white, which makes them a racial minority, which makes that DUmmy a RACIST for having a problem with a minority carrying a flag for a country.

Scratch any DUmmy, find a racist.


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Ex Lurker (3,425 posts)
5. I learned something today NT
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Yeah, you're embarrassingly stupid.

Mary Ann:
*Poof!* It's gone.


--- Quote from: Mary Ann on July 24, 2021, 07:10:42 AM ---*Poof!* It's gone.

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The cave saves another one! Great effort guys!


--- Quote from: landofconfusion80 on July 24, 2021, 07:18:46 AM ---The cave saves another one! Great effort guys!

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That's our purpose; to keep an accurate record of Skins' island.

<<<bets the erasure was MrsCorpio's doing.


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