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Johnnye, We Know Ye Too Well


Drafe Hoblin:
We can pretty-much say goodbye to John Kerry.  He's forked.

There was no reason for Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif to lie about Kerry snitching-on Israel's alleged involvement in attacking Iranian rocket-sites in Syria, when the interview was about the dearly-departed Qasem Soleimani's secret meetings with Russia to sabotage the 'Iranian Nuclear Deal'.

Now Kerry knows what General Flynn faced, thanks to a 'leak'.  I don't think deep-state media is going to be able to bury this along with everything else they're burying.  World Capitols are watching.

It didn't take long for Foggy Bottom to flick that particular booger off its finger.

Drafe Hoblin:
That's the trap.  The American mainsqueam wasn't reporting on the strikes.

The 'misinformational' rightwing outlets were (in the US).  How can the Dims now claim 'it was public knowledge'... ?  The same outlets who were going wall-to-wall with impeachment and other distractions are now compelled to side with propagandist Iran, while confronting the reality that Zarif is unavailable to provide cover for Kerry. 

So rightwing news-outlets were reporting actual news, eh?  Imagine that. 


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