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"I'm willing to serve as Discussionist Administrator. I'm honest, I have no hidden agenda, and I've never been indicted." -- Will*


Can only speak for HIMSELF, so if Skinner agrees to appoint him as Admin, Will:

Won't spread lies about members.

Won't hurt members or have members hurt.

Won't organize against members.

Won't run a WillySquad.

Will respect/uphold The Discussionist Terms of Service.

Will stop the serial abusers, and will respect the rights of ALL members.


"I challenge the incumbent for the post of DI Admin. Who do you trust? I'll set my track record against his anyday."

"I promise I won't do what he will, and I will do what he won't. -- Will*


-- 30 --

#equalizer #hopepunk


1) Posted with thanks to Frank Solich and my American friends at

2) Frank, MumblyPeg and friends, please post as an O.P. in the DI Help Forum, as before. Tags: #equalizer #hopepunk Title: MORNINGSTAR. FOR THE USERS. (all caps -- Ed.) Please post body copy and format verbatim. Thanking you.

3) Do NOT say the name of the DI Admin. If you don't say his name, the Qu00bs can't gang-alert you for personal attack, hatespeech or commercial spam. If you must refer to him, he's "existing Admin", "the present Admin", or "the incumbent". No "personal name", no "personal (nudge, wink) attack", hehe. They can then only alert you for commercial spam.

4) If you post in my support, they'll want to alert you. Say nothing uncomplimentary about my ill-wishers, no matter how filthy or vile. You WILL be hidden for personal attack. You'll still be alerted for commercial spam, but that's a harder get.

5) Frank, you stood by me entirely on faith, from the day we met, the day I published my First Open Letter to Skinner ("Elect More Democrats: ban the word "bernie" from DU"). As you stood by me then, I stand by you now.

6) My dear American cousins, stand by me now, and I'll NEVER betray you! All Discussionist needs is a reboot and a reset, and Plan B (replace) won't be necessary after all. It's a big tent, with room for all, if we first respect and play fair.

7) DI Members: If you like the O.P., please Kick and Rec (Press the big button that says, "Show your appreciation". Closest thing we have to a vote.