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"Derp" newbie questions

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I read the rules, but can't find the answers - derp.

I'm assuming, as I am a probie, I can not yet give reputation points to fellow members? I've hunted for a way to do it, can't seem to find one.

Also, how long does the probationary period last?

Thank you!


Probation = 100 posts.

Thank you - I searched under "reputation" and got the gist of it, but did not see the technical specifics - the first link you posted answered my questions.

Also - noticed your roundel - I bring home older BMWs and throw money at them - currently have an '83 633CSi.

Thanks again for the help.

I picked up an '87 325 after my last car decided to catch fire in February.  It's an awesome little driver but it needs a bit of work and a new coat of paint. 

It all of a sudden "decided" to do that, Chris?

 :-) :fuelfire:


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