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I found a free CD burner.  No more searching for old Nero disks...

Bit Torrent comes in handy... this is the client I've been using.


These sites are pretty good for getting Freeware that is safe to use.

Hiren's Boot CD

One of the best diagnostic CDs I've found in a long time. :II:

Darik's Boot & Nuke

I noticed the newest version of Hiren's comes with Darik's Boot & Nuke. 

I have to say after using it today, Hiren's 10.6 disk is awesome.  There's an app on it that allows you to run it and bypass the password on a Windows box and a Linux app that allows you to clear a password on an account, which I ended up using today.  The virtual XP machine is neat, too.  Using it takes a fraction of the time waiting for someone else's machine to load does.


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