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Attention ALL Members!! Political Rants and Raves Forum Rules.


Anyone who hasn't been living under a rock for the past 15 years or so should know the basic rules of a message board. I'll post some anyway.  :-)

1 Do not post personal information on any poster.
Where they live, their real name, etc.

2 No death threats or threats of bodily harm.

3 No pron or nudes.

4 Profanity is ok but, don't go overboard.

5 If you have any problems with any poster notify a mod immediately.

6 If you have a problem with any mod action I take, I ask that you just PM me and we can work something out.

7 Have fun.

Link to General Board Rules.

POLITICAL RANTS AND RAVESAll General Board Rules apply here. Until the 2008 Election is over, please do not post articles pertaining to that subject here. We have a special “Election” section for those topics. This section is for general political rants and raves. Fair Use Clause: all articles must be posted in the following format: Original article title must be used. No more than five paragraphs placed within quote tags with the original link added below. A moderator may edit if these guidelines aren't followed. 

Any commentary should be placed within the message body under the quoted material. Moderators reserve the right to edit, delete or move any posts as they see fit.

 Lately, there has been an increase of duplicate threads throughout the Current Events section. I want to remind y'all of the RULES .......

"All article titles must remain intact in your post heading. " Please don't ad lib your post titles!! We appreciate your cooperation in reducing the number of duplicate threads. Also, some articles that are posted have been posted previously. One can either use the search function or at least browse the first three pages of the board before posting an article unless one specifically knows that the article hasn't been posted before.

(I, too, have been guilty of the above transgressions)



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