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'This Is Noah' - The Short Story Of A Fentanyl-Addicted Child In Utopian Hellhol


'This Is Noah' - The Short Story Of A Fentanyl-Addicted Child In Utopian Hellhole San Francisco

--- Quote ---The radical leftists in San Francisco City Hall need a reality check about their destructive progressive drug policies that have effectively handed out implicit death sentences. A policy course correction is desperately needed as overdose deaths reached a record high last year.

If you have lived or visited San Francisco in recent years, parts of the metro area have been transformed into a utopian progressive hellhole of drugs, death, violent crime, feces, needles, and abandoned retail stores.

As of last year, overdose deaths in San Francisco topped a record high of 800. Open-air drug markets and homeless encampments are widespread in the downtown area. Failed progressive public health policies are responsible for why the city's drug overdose rate is nearly double the nation's. In terms of cities over 500k in population, San Francisco was number four in overdose deaths.

Tens of thousands of drug addicts roam the city streets of the metro area, where the drug of choice is fentanyl. This drug, which is 100 times more potent than morphine, is flooding the nation through President Biden's open southern borders. And it's being cooked by Mexican cartels that receive chemicals from China (read: House Subcommittee Finds "New Evidence" That China Fuels America's Fentanyl Crisis).

With the overdose crisis only worsening, we want to share with readers a heartbreaking short documentary of a kid way too young to be addicted to fentanyl - getting high in downtown San Francisco. This kid should be entering college, or at least working a productive job, and aims one day to start a family and benefit the nation. But no, he's addicted to drugs, wasting his life away in the utopian hellhole of a city.
--- End quote ---

Noah is addicted to fentanyl and has been in foster care throughout his life. Very heartbreaking.

Old n Grumpy:
It’s beyond me why the residents don’t go to the city council meetings with tar and feathers and run the members out of town

I can’t understand how people can put up with that kind of behavior and watch their quality of life deteriorate. :thatsright:


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