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Dem-majority FCC helping George Soros fast-track takeover of nationwide radio ne


Dem-majority FCC helping George Soros fast-track takeover of nationwide radio network: ‘This is scary’

--- Quote ---Left-leaning billionaire George Soros is trying to recruit the Democrat-controlled Federal Communications Commission to help fast track his takeover of the nation’s second-biggest radio network.

Soros, 93, pumped $400 million into Audacy in February, a network which reaches 165 million monthly listeners and includes a handful of conservative shows from hosts including Sean Hannity, Dana Loesch, Mark Levin, Glenn Beck and Erick Erickson.

But their influence is likely to be muted if the billionaire takes over and imposes his agenda, as has happened with other media acquisitions.

A source with knowledge of the deal told The Post: “The idea that George Soros is buying hundreds of local radio stations right before a national election and will keep broadcasting Sean Hannity and other conservative talk radio hosts on Audacy is not credible.”

However, to take control Soros Fund Management needs help from the FCC as the money funneled into buying the bankrupt network comes from abroad.
--- End quote ---

George Soros is buying up radio stations and their owners. This is really disturbing.

Old n Grumpy:
Soros is a major threat to America and really needs to be stopped. :thatsright:

It's a wonder how some country hasn't put Soros on the "Endangered Species " List. He's done far too much damage in this world to at least not have him in prison by now. Outside of Islamic terrorist he's the world's biggest threat to freedom.


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