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Top ex-spies who (still) lie about Hunter Biden’s laptop are anything but ‘patriots’

Nearly four years after 51 former top intel officials smeared The Post and misled the nation about Hunter Biden’s laptop, not one has any regrets — even though the FBI and Justice Department have confirmed the computer’s authenticity and federal prosecutors even cited it as evidence in first son’s gun case.

Indeed, the 51 “Spies Who Lied” in a letter falsely suggesting the laptop report was “Russian disinfo” are proud of deceiving Americans, with a lawyer for some even calling their deception “patriotic.”

No: They sold out their own credibility for a mess of pottage by intentionally misleading the public, and giving pro-Biden media outlets an excuse to dismiss and censor The Post’s 2020 election-eve scoop, as well as offering Joe Biden an escape hatch on the issue in his then-upcoming debate with Donald Trump.

Again: A host of top intelligence-community leaders effectively lied to the American people “for their own good”; after that, how can anyone trust any “information” the IC offers?

1. As Harry Reid said about his slander of Romney, "It worked."

2. If Trump is elected President, how can he work with and trust the CIA and NSA to provide complete and accurate information?
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If Trump is elected he can’t trust anyone in the bureaucracy, specially the FBI and cia or the doj
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From what I can gather, the 51 are struggling for relevancy amidst 51 different fallout-scenarios. 

Even the 'safe', retiring to my front-porch with grandchildren on my knee form of obscurity isn't working right now.  They're all tagged with knowing 'classic earmarks'. 

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