Author Topic: IN JOE MOTION Doddery Biden is ‘the worst he’s ever been’ – everyone is worried,  (Read 352 times)

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IN JOE MOTION Doddery Biden is ‘the worst he’s ever been’ – everyone is worried, say G7 insiders as video shows him shuffling away

ELDERLY Joe Biden has given his "worst ever" performance at a major international summit, G7 insiders say - after he was bizarrely caught freezing again.

Global powerhouse leaders, including the UK's Rishi Sunak, were set to get a group photo but a wayward Biden wandered from the shoot before being shepherded back by Italian PM Giorgia Meloni.
Other attendees from multiple delegations have described Mr Biden's performance as "embarrassing".

It comes after awkward footage showed the president and other world leaders watching on as parachute jumpers descend from the sky with the flags of allied nations.

But the show of unity and military prowess was quickly overshadowed when Biden decided to turn his back on the group as they clapped for the latest jumper.

The 81-year-old is seen standing still with a huge grin on his face for a few seconds before deciding to shuffle away from the pack.

This is a UK tabloid, and the anonymous sources are probably mostly or entirely non-Americans.
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He’s walking towards the light. :-)

Next time hold the ceremony by the white cliffs of Dover  :-)
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