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why no more Matt Drudge



The below is an excerpt from a much longer article:

--- Quote ---.....For whatever reason – whether he's fearful, learned too much, or simply burned out – Drudge does not want to be seen.

Two, something happened around 2015, when it became clear Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump would be the two presidential nominees.

Joseph Curl, who worked as an editor of the Drudge Report from 2010 to 2014, told Moody he noticed his former boss suffering from an increased case of paranoia.

According to Curl, Drudge feared the Clinton family was after him in the form of "payback" for his reporting.  "[Drudge] always leaves the country during election day or the election season — the weeks before the election — because he was afraid," Curl recalled.

"He said he was worried about the Clintons planting, you know, a bag of cocaine in his car, which he had parked in the parking lot there. So he would always take off and get out of the country around the election."

Three, a very eerie feeling surrounds the state of Matt Drudge.

The internet’s most enigmatic media mogul, described as the "second most influential man in America," who knows far more than any non-government official should, particularly about the Clintons, abruptly vanishes from public light while his site suspiciously turned on the face of the Republican Party......
--- End quote ---

So it might've been the Clintons after all.

Drudge Report used to be a daily browse-visit for me nut some time in the early 2010s fell out of my daily schedule. There was no particular reason beyond preferring other sites and my personal bandwidth. The site going full Nver/Hate-Trump mystifies me, but it's long been a don't-care for me. It would be interesting to see DR's browsership stats for the 2010s through the present. I suspect the site went over the hill or off a cliff in the mid 2010s and hasn't recovered.


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