Author Topic: SPLC Warns of 'Christian Supremacy' as a Fundraising Gimmick  (Read 315 times)

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SPLC Warns of 'Christian Supremacy' as a Fundraising Gimmick

You've heard of "Christian nationalism." How Christian nationalism is different from plain vanilla "Christian fundamentalism" is unknown. You see, when trying to make us scared of it, the SPLC fails to define Christian nationalism in any way that would differentiate it from fundamental Christian beliefs. But they've got money to raise, and making their left-wing patrons afraid of Christians seems to open the wallets of the faithful.

Maybe they'll do a better job with "Christian Supremacy." That's right, a brand new Christian bogeyman is arising, and it's time to wring our hands and exclaim, "Woe is us!"

The SPLC's annual report "is devoted to the New Apostolic Reformation," which is “a new and powerful Christian supremacy movement that is attempting to transform culture and politics in the U.S. and countries across the world into a grim authoritarianism.”

How "powerful" can it be if someone like me has never heard of it? I read the news and scan for stories about 12-14 hours a day and consider myself extremely well-informed. I have never heard of the "New Apostolic Reformation." But the SPLC says we need to be afraid of them.

Out with the old, failed, bogeyman, "Dominionists", in with the new bogeyman, "New Apostolic Reformation". The old bogeyman failed because while Christian Reconstructionism (the proper name for people of that POV) does exist, they are few, not organized, and few people have heard of them, even among Evangelical Christians. Christian Reconstructionists have similarly little influence, among Evangelicals, among Christianity generally, or society as a whole. Himalayanizing that ant hill failed because ... Christian Reconstructionism is an ant hill.

New Apostolic Reformation, similarly does exist, may be more networked (but not organized in a denominational sense), but, similarly, is little known and is of little influence. There are leader figures who do know and meet with each other, but their ministries are not organizationally connected. Also, their ministries are focused on evangelism/missions and supporting churches, not political influence or power.

Re the sentence immediately above, a friend is involved in New Apostolic Reformation in terms of ideas and networking, but his ministry is involved in working with churches in various countries, encouraging the formation and growth of businesses (this aspect is not limited to Christians)m, and evangelism through networking with business people. I see his FB posts regularly, and I do not know if he has ever posted his political views.

Trying to bogeymanize New Apostolic Reformation is likely to fail as bogeymanizing "Dominionism" failed. Himalayanizing ant hills fails because because most people Progs are trying to get scared of the bogeyman ask, "Who?"
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Re: SPLC Warns of 'Christian Supremacy' as a Fundraising Gimmick
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SPLC is just another left-wing hate group looking to further divide Americans and setting up more people to be hated. They’re disgusting.
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