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DuckDuckGo/iPhone/CC - Question


In the evenings I log into CC using an iPhone and typically DuckDuckGo as the browser.  About 2 weeks ago when I opened CC it gave me an error message saying I was banned for spam and there is nothing I can do.

I cleared the cache on the phone and deleted history and still I can't log in.

I can log in on my phone using Safari as the browser and I can log in on my computer.  Tapatalk hasn't worked for a very long time.

Anyone else having issues using DDG/iPhone to access CC?  Any ideas what could be causing the issue?


I was blocked out for about six months. I got no idea how ot why, or why I can now log back in.

When in doubt, blame Apple.  Not much help past that.  Interesting that it has happened to someone else though.  That could indicate an issue with the way the DDG browser is communicating with the website or storing cookies/metadata. 

At first I thought it might be the VPN I put on my phone but since safari works I ruled that out.

DDG has been fine for a long time and I use it for everything else but it won’t let me on CC.

Dutch, are you using a different browser or change anything else?



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