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Dear Pete Rose...


Drafe Hoblin:
How can they keep you out of The MLB Hall Of Fame now, in light of Shohei Ohtani's interpreter-scandal??

The highest-paid baseball-player of all time 'gave' 4-million dollars to his interpreter to cover 'gambling losses'... ?  Who's falling on who's sword here?

This happened after the interpreter, whom the Dodgers pay a salary of 100-grand, claimed 'his' 4-million was stolen.  Then admitted he owed it to a SoCal bookmaker...  who doesn't allow someone earning 100-grand get into him for 4-million. 

Now Ohtani and his interpreter are saying the bets were on some sport other than baseball.  4-million.  Sorry... not believable.

The highest-paid baseball-player of all-time is beginning to look like the lowest-IQ baseball-player of all-time. 



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