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I see many signs of a forum in long decline which is a shame as this was once a place of some activity that generated returns now it is far apart thus little incentive to come back.

Now I see evidence of absentee owner which I have seen too often and a front page waaaay out of date as most of the moderators who are long gone are still listed but have been inactive between the years 2010 (Doc has been gone for 14 years) to 2018 (debk which is almost 6 years ago) that is SEVEN moderators not active why are they still listed one and one administrator DixieBelle has been gone since 2013 that is very bad does this mean there are no administrators left?

There isn't a Moderator list either and no administration center for the place thus no owner presence a common reason why forums fade away over time the board is in serious need of updating as it hasn't been updated in years as the current version is now 2.1.4 but this old place is still at version 2.0.19 I have doubts that the owner has upgraded in 10 years since the 2.0 version started in early 2008 which I was THEN using when I ran a SMF based forum.

I wonder if the Lounge is for members only as it should be.

Maybe Carl a long time Global Moderator should have ownership to make effort to revive it and update this creaky place.

This is not as active as once it was, but there are still a group who frequent this place and while I recognize your handle, I don’t see you contributing much. Could be we have more lurkers than contributors.

Just sayin.


I was badly treated when I came here in 2012 through my introduction thread where people called me troll and other dumb stuff while a number of people who knew me from other forums stood by me but that didn't matter thus realized this was not a forum to hang around in it the moderators didn't help either thus all this place got in 12 years is 153 posts I originally came here for the 6-8 people I knew well from Right Nation and Republican Operative and Sparky's forum too.

Ptarmigan is the only one left the others left long ago.

Thus, went to other forum and blog places that accepted me nicely and highly rated by them too and have done well even became moderators and administrators in them.

Currently I moderate in 4 website two of them as administrator and post a lot of articles in two forums left moderation at Watts Up With That? a few months ago.

True there is a small group contributing but it has been a dwindling group for a while now which isn't being addressed and the forum is in bad need of reorganization as it is more like a developing ghost town a signal to visitors to go elsewhere how come there is no attractive banner at the top of the front page?

Big board appearance small number of people posting in it the owner should be compacting the main board without deleting anything but will make the place appear busier that way.

Drafe Hoblin:
I don't lament stuff like 'dying forums'.

I approach it like Fast Times At Wherever...  " Everywhere I'm there, be there. "

Your approach isn't working here because many view it differently.

You seem uninterested in the fact the place is winding down.....



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