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Arkansas State Troopers Chase an ATV


Bashing the state of California, and other leftist hellholes, is something I enjoy doing -- especially when the level of stupid hits mega-astronomic levels.

But I gotta admit -- this one is right down there too, in my adopted state of Arkansas.

The action starts with a couple of state trooper squad cars chasing down an ATV, which is traveling at a mind-boggling 66 mph on Eastbound I-30 in Little Rock in heavy traffic. I-30 junctions with I-40 in North Little Rock and then a couple miles from that point, intersects with State Route 167, which is a 4-lane divided highway that continues north. (I've traveled this stretch many times.)

The cops catch up to this moron traveling at 66 mph with sirens and blue lights going like gangbusters. The idiot continues driving north on SR-167 on his ATV, dreads flying and jacket open, but after he loses his left rear wheel, he does manage to slow down to 62 mph.  :lmao:

Finally, the idiot (sans helmet, of course) pulls over and the cops cuff him and proceed to interrogate him. They ask him if he's drunk, the guy says "no." But they put the breathalyzer on him and apparently pegs the meter. One cop says, "You're hammered."

This is a crystal-clear example of how God protects drunks and fools.  :rotf:

It's a 9 minute video.


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