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Where Is The “Climate Emergency”?


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Where Is The “Climate Emergency”?
April 2021

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach


I listed some of the following in my previous post, and a commenter said they were important enough to deserve a post on their own … I agree.

Despite my asking over and over in a host of forums, to date nobody has been able to tell me just what this supposed “CLIMATE EMERGENCY!!” actually is and where I might find evidence that it exists. Here are some facts for the folks that think that the climate is a real danger to humanity.

Deaths from climate-related phenomena are at an all-time low. If you think deaths from climate-related catastrophes are an emergency, please point in the graph below to the start of the “emergency”.

LINK to many charts and sources

Surprised that no one here has anything to say about the best anti AGW based global warming article that warmist/alarmists foam at the mouth over.

I posted this article in other forums to see how fearful their replies are that 100% of the time they completely avoid discussing the CONTENT of the article they scream at it attack the author make evasive deflecting replies that doesn't address the article itself at all.

Try it for yourself and see how they react like the devil reacts to holy water.

I got shut down at Twitter because I posted this article several times in threads started by warmist/alarmists pushing their delusions about the state of the climate which the article shows aren't a concern worth the bull climate scammers are pushing they were so angry at the article and me by spewing out a bunch of personal attacks on me and the article but ignore the CONTENT of the article yet have the gall to complain about me to Twitter censors.

Yup I got censored with no explanation offered I simply got shut down which mean censorship is still ongoing there.


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