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Image Hosting Sites Recommendation Needed ..


No panicking needed ...  :-)

Only want to upload now and then from internet pics, not personal photos,  to post when desired.

Sites do not need to be free ones, but must be simple to use.

Thanks ~ ABC

:edit: Promise to not use too much bandwidth, nor bore you to tears!

I use Postimages. Seems to be simple enough, it's free, and it works.

After you upload your image, use the "Direct Link" option on the next page. Click on the "Copy" link on the right side (blue square) to copy the link to your clipboard. Then use the "Insert Image" button on the CC post (first button in the 2nd row under the Bold button), right click and paste your copied link between the


For example:

Thanks so much Eupher, Will have a look & try it out. 

Had a site years ago back in CU, but can't remember what it was. 

Gotta go.  Have a good weekend & keep safe!



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