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Roku Is Seeing A Huge Jump in New Active Accounts


Today Roku announced their 3rd quarter 2018 earnings. In that release, Roku announced that they have seen a 43% year-over-year jump in active accounts. That means not only is Roku selling more players but also selling them to new people as each account can represent multiple Roku devices.

The good news didn’t stop there. In their letter to shareholders, Roku said “Operating trends remain strong. We ended Q3 2018 with 23.8 million active accounts, up 43% year-over-year, with more than half of new accounts coming from licensed sources, primarily Roku TVs. Roku user engagement increased this quarter with our users streaming 6.2 billion hours, up 63% year-over-year. Q3 trailing 12-month ARPU increased 37% year-over-year to a record $17.34 .”

Roku also announced that more than one in four smart TVs sold in the United States are Roku TVs. With all this news Roku saw gross profit up 58% year over year to $79 million.

Roku finished off the 3rd quarters earning letter to investors with a statement from Roku’s Founder and CEO Anthony Wood. “We are just starting to witness the massive transition of TV viewing and TV advertising to streaming. Roku is leading the way on the technology front with an operating system that is purpose-built for TV – versus more heavyweight mobile operating systems – and innovative services like The Roku Channel. According to company reports, the largest US cable and satellite TV services together have lost about 2 million linear TV subscribers so far this year – and about 4 million since the end of 2016. The early data suggests that Q3 could be the industry’s highest quarter yet for subscriber losses, while at the same time, user growth on our platform remains strong.


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