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Fishing was good to fantastic, depended on the day. Site is reserved for next year. Let me know if you are interested.

Sounds very interesting. I am going on SS in Nov. and I'm still not sure if I'll keep working, even at reduced hours.

I went on SS 15 months ago, Medicare this month.
Best thing I ever did (besides quitting work for 30 months to become a trout bum 18 years ago) you'll enjoy the time to get stuff done, and it doesn't have to be done today.

Spent time on the St Joe last week. Caught some of the biggest fish I have ever seen there. Good times!
Headed to the upper NFCDA Thursday, going to fish my Taylor 7'-6" quad. Should be good!

Hit the NF and the Joe this past week, finishing it out for the year. 
Took a time out to try a new rifle, always good times on the river.

Time to tie flys now!

Thought I'd add something "new". In one of the posts I mentioned a mid 40's Montague 7.5 ft Fishkill rod. Love fishing it, but on a recent outing the cork grip came loose from the rod. I replaced the cork with new rings and then used a Shopsmith I have to turn the grip down to a very close copy of the original. I  also had to replace the reel seat. Back in the day Montague pinned and glued the seats in place so it was impossible to remove without destroying it. I replaced it with a modern walnut inset seat. In the second pic you can see the new wraps I did (lighter green but the correct thread color, at the hook keeper and the added guides on the tip sections, makes the rod cast better) Came out looking great!


New seat and cork.


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