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I figure this'll get Catsems attention.    :-)

I "found" an old bamboo fly rod that I had forgotten about for probably over 10 years out in the garage. At one time I 'collected" them for aesthetic  reasons and possibly to make some money (collectibles). Many that I found and I really didn't know much about, were "junker" rods. Many from the post WW2 era and made in Japan. One though, I realized was a "decent" rod. It uses Nickle Silver ferrules and reel seat plus the action of the rod was/is much better than the junkers.

A few pics of what it looks like:

I used these photos to ID the rod on a forum and was pleased to find out what I have is a 1934 Heddon #13 Lucky Angler.

The finish on the rod is shot plus it looks like it was refinished many years ago, and not well. Whoever did it removed the original decals. The only way it was ID'd was from the reel seat and shape of the cork handle.

I'm going to do a total strip down and refinish. This is where I have a question for Catsemtrods.
 I believe you make your own rods? Do you use the "dip" method for finishing your rods? From that point on I have no problem re wrapping the rod as Iv'e done several of those beloved "plastic" rods that I cherish so much.  :tongue:

I do have a dip tank. The Lucky Angler #13 from 1934 did have maroon wraps but were tipped in green. I would use Citristrip and 0000 steel wool very carefully try not to take down the edges of the seams. You need to be careful with stripper as the glue used in the day might delaminate! I use MOW spar varnish in my tank and wraps. I dip the blank once and then wrap. I finish the wraps with 2 coats of brushed varnish and then dip the finished rod again. Back in the day that was built it would not surprise me if they finished the rod with a turkey baster! Actually making rods is easier that refinishing! Good luck!

A few of mine.

Cats, ty and gorgeous fly rods!

I've never done the dipping process, so I'll have to look that up.  


Your website is now bookmarked.

Love that little 7ft 4 wt.    :drool:

Dip tank is a big investment and or project! Probably not for you. For years I finished blanks with Birchwood Casey gunstock finish and a lint free rag with great success. Its a bit of a learning experience to finish wraps with varnish but guys like you could cheat and use epoxy finish since your not trying to cheat anyone but yourself! 

The restoration of antiques is a hobby of mine, too. If it's OLD, has WOOD, or is a GUN......

An M1869 .50/70 Cavalry carbine. Only 342 were ever made, and only for troop trials.

The top is an M1842 .69 calibre "Mississippi", and the lower is a .20 gauge Belgian "Zulu" shotgun.

The serial number indicates this M96 Mauser is from the last lot of an Italian 1900 contract.

Documentation indicates this Ansonio "kitchen clock" was manufactured in 1842. It's still running on an old table in our living room.

A steamer trunk, ca. 1860. I made an exception to my "restoration" rule. I lined it with tongue and groove closet liner cedar, and we use it as a cedar chest.

Nothing ever just "gets old".


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