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I got a call last night asking to do an emergency quilt for a fabric designer.  Apparently she is taking her quilt to market so that quilt stores will buy her fabric line.  Connie (the person from the quilt store who called me) doesn't do pantographs (a pattern you follow with a laser light) and ask me to do it ASAP.

I know that to some of you this fabric would be too wild but I really like it.  When you quilt for someone else you don't cut off the extra fabric and batting because they may have other plans, that is why it is left on in the pictures. I realized after I took the pictures that I took the pictures upside down.  You probably wouldn't have noticed if I didn't tell you.  :p

Oh, I also just got a call from Connie, she said the lady LOVED the quilt and has MORE for me to do.   :-)

You can see the quilting in this picture.

Here is the back, she pieced the back as well.

OK, I hereby coin and invoke the new "BEG Quilt Rule (BQR)."

BEG, you can't post quilt pics unless YOU are in at least one of the pics!

I mean it -- don't test me on this.

That is one loud quilt.

+1   :cheersmate:

I don't find it too wild, BEG.  I love those colors.  :)

I'm biased towards bright colors, though, with how my bedroom is decorated. 

Miss Mia:
Very cool BEG.  I like most of the fabric she used.  :)


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