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That is what I like to do with my 9X63 Binoculars and the 18" F 4.75 Telescope.

Last Monday night enjoyed using my old Sky Designs 17.5" F 4.5 Telescope that I sold away 26 years ago (had borrowed it for Monday night) when I went up to the Obsession 25" Dobsonian got to see Jupiter Saturn M22 and 28, M 31 and 32 plus 110 and more in the full hour observing.

Does anyone here do stargaze?

Use to, many years ago. Tried to get back with the granddaughters, but it was a no go.

Did go out to see Jupiter last night

It is fun but expensive and must travel out of cities to get good dark skies.

You can see interesting stuff with a good 7X50 and larger Binoculars (Mine is a 9X63) sometimes it is better than a Telescope because of its brigtness or large size of the image.

This fall and Winter with Binoculars you see Pleiades (M45) Beehive cluster (M44) Association cluster around and below Mirfak the bright star in Perseus, the Coathanger (Brocchis cluster) directions here:

Lock your binoculars onto Altair. A short distance above it you’ll find mag. +2.7 Tarazed (gamma Aquilae).

Altair, Tarazed and Vega are almost aligned, and it’s this imaginary line that you want to move along towards Vega.

As you go, you will see the almost identical stars of Alpha and Beta Sagittae, both mag. +4.4, in the left of your field of view.

The Coathanger will appear a little farther on. In all, you will have shifted your gaze approximately one-third of the distance from Altair to Vega.


The Double Cluster (NGC 869/884) between Cassiopeia and Perseus as a cloudy spot between the two constellations.

Here is a nice website called In the Sky


Thanks for the link. I have always enjoyed looking at the stars while camping, as it is now I get a few being too close to a city.

A short drive out of the city can make a difference to at least allow following the brighter names and use Binoculars on some of the easy to find bright deep sky images such as M45, M44 and the Double Cluster this fall/winter.


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