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This is probably one of those stupid questions, but I really don't know.

I'm currently "listening" to this, and I hope to get a DVD of it, the greatest performance, ever, of Handel's Messiah, in 1993 in some medieval church in the Netherlands.  I haven't run across anything nearly as excellent as this, although admittedly I'm biased towards this particular choir.

Actually, two questions.

There's two groups involved here, the Brandenburg Consort and the choir of King's College, Cambridge.

As they're two separate groups and in different countries, one quite reasonably assumes they're led by two separate conductors.

In a joint performance of instruments and voices, who determines which of the two conductors gets to conduct both of them?

The other question--when one looks at the screen, the camera facing the choir, as the camera goes from right to left, do the voices get higher?  (Like from bass way over to soprano.)  I'm guessing they do, based upon the facial expressions.

This is the appeal of this particular performance, or at least the way it was recorded; the way the camera focuses on faces, giving one a visual clue as to the music.  If I was just sitting here "listening" to the music without seeing the performers, it wouldn't do a thing for me.


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