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I was given a large set of Oneida silverware today.  It's marked 'Oneida" and 'USA' and looks like their American Harmony pattern.

According to this, retail is slightly more than $100.  I have no use for a 65-piece silverware set, but this is some very nice stuff.  I don't think I'd ever use it.

That must have been a popular style. We still have a few odd pieces of that pattern left from my mom. I recognize the beading on the edge.

It's really nice.  WalMart doesn't sell this stuff.

I got it from work.  One of our divisions is moving to a new office and instead of packing everything up, the poor girl that was left to do all the work said she was going to throw it away.

This was the same day the purchasing director sent out a mass email telling everyone they are not going to pay for new business cards (a $3000-4000 expense) simply because they're changing addresses.  I guarantee his employees spend that much every month shipping frivolous promotional items to clients.


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