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Anyone Else Trying to Read this HealthCrap?


Alpha Mare:

--- Quote ---Below is the just-released text of the House Reconciliation Bill. In the strange, ‘through the looking glass’ world that is the House Democrat Leadership, they will vote for these “fixes” to the Senate passed health care bill. In voting for these fixes, the House will ‘deem’ that the Senate Health Care bill is passed. See, the Democrats can vote for the fixes without having to vote for the bill that is being fixed.We already knew they don’t have to read bills to pass them. Now, they don’t have to vote for them either.

The Senate, then, will dutifully enact all of these “fixes,” by using elaborate procedural tricks and at least a couple votes to override the Senate Parliamentarian. Right, like that is going to happen.

For those keeping score at home, the whole idea of a reconciliation bill is simply to provide cover for House Democrats to pass the Senate Bill. The Senate will never take up reconciliation. The Senate bill will become the law of the land.

Paul Ryan: One thing that they did do, which I found was telling, is they added a motion to say, Let's put a new price control entity in this law. This is what President Obama is saying he wants to add to the Senate bill. Give the government, in addition to having one person, the Health and Human Services secretary, be the regulator of all health insurance in America, he wants to give that person the ability to price control

What that is another way of saying is that's basically the back door public option. It gives the government the ability to run insurance, private insurance, out of business so that the government is the only player left. They want to try and insert this language in this bill in the Rules Committee, at reconciliation.

--- End quote ---

What's STILL in there:

funding for abortion- exemptions for unions- Louisiana/Florida/California bribes (Nebraska bribe is offered to all states)

Alpha Mare:

The Senate Bill.

Mandatory "minimal essential coverage"(includes comprehensive coverage that most don't want or need) or pay an annual fine-

Electronic data exchanges for electronic funds transfers, eligibility for a health plan, health claim status, and health care payment and remittance advice.

Real-time health and financial data on individuals through a tracking ID

Personal health information maintained in health data network- to build data for research


I was getting really mad about this HCR, reading all of it.  My job is in Benefit Administration, and we have BCBSTX.  Between the broker, and the insurance company, I am hearing something every day.

I decided to focus on our crisis at the border right now instead.  It makes me mad as well, but in a different way. 

Just trying to not get in a rut.   :-)


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