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Obama: Premiums Will Decrease 3000% So You Should Get A Raise

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Alpha Mare:
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Is Obutthead getting his info from the DUmmies now?

DumbAss Tanker:
My Troof-o-meter zipped right past "Willing suspension of disbelief" and smacked into the "Lying weasel" peg at the end of the scale, with an audible snap.

Aside from being mathematically impossible (Short of no further payments and a 29X refundable credit based on what your payments used to be) any decrease in insurance premiums (Hah) will be much more than made up in tax increases.

INcrrease, DEcrease, it's only a matter of two letters, so he might have misspoke.

Happy Fun Ball:
"What about the 200 million people who were lost in the Atlantic crossing?  Very conservative estimates say that the slave trade, just the crossing of the Atlantic, bringing the slaves across, there were 200 million people who died just coming across. So great was the number of people who were thrown overboard that it altered the ecology of the ocean. The sharks even now trace -- or follow after ships along a trail seeking the flesh that was thrown overboard in all those years 200 years of the slave trade." - Major Owens

Ralph Wiggum:
Considering I know what the health care premiums already are at my company, to quote my screen-name, that's unpossible.


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