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Comprehensive listing of votes and positions

I am quoting his stance on the war because it is so amusing, in a terrifying sort of way.

--- Quote ---Iraq War
Public Statements (which are endless)
# The surge is not working toward enduring peace. (Jan 2008)
# Iraq takes our eye off al Qaeda & Afghanistan. (Jan 2008)
# Get our troops out by the end of 2009. (Jan 2008)
# No permanent bases in Iraq. (Jan 2008)
# 2002: Iraq will require US occupation of undetermined length. (Jan 2008)
# FactCheck: No, violence in Iraq is LOWER than 2 years ago. (Jan 2008)
# Congress decides deployment level & duration, not president. (Dec 2007)
# Surge strategy has made a difference in Iraq but failed. (Nov 2007)
# Clinton has not been consistent on the Iraq War. (Oct 2007)
# 2002: I don't oppose all war; I do oppose dumb war. (Oct 2007)
# Leave troops for protection of Americans & counterterrorism. (Sep 2007)
# Hopes to remove all troops from Iraq by 2013, but no pledge. (Sep 2007)
# Surge has not succeeded because it ignores political issues. (Sep 2007)
# Tell people the truth: quickest is 1-2 brigades per month. (Sep 2007)
# No good options in Iraq--just bad options & worse options. (Aug 2007)
# Be as careful getting out as we were careless getting in. (Jul 2007)
# Troops not dying in vain; but we need plans for success. (Jul 2007)
# We live in a more dangerous world because of Bush's actions. (Jun 2007)
# Case for war was weak, but people voted their best judgment. (Jun 2007)
# War in Iraq is "dumb" but troops still need equipment. (Apr 2007)
# Increase ground forces in Iraq to decrease troop rotations. (Apr 2007)
# Open-ended Iraq occupation must end: no military solution. (Apr 2007)
# Begin withdrawal May 1 2007; finish by March 31 2008. (Apr 2007)
# Open dialogue with both Syria and Iran. (Apr 2007)
# Withdraw gradually and keep some troops in Iraq region. (Mar 2007)
# Iraq 2002: ill-conceived venture; 2007: waste of resources. (Feb 2007)
# Longtime critic of Iraq war. (Nov 2006)
# The surge reduced violence, but at enormous cost. (Jan 2006)
# Begin a phased redeployment to send a clear signal. (Jan 2006)
# Saddam did not own and was not providing WMD to terrorists. (Oct 2004)
# Initial military was extraordinarily successful in Iraq. (Oct 2004)
# Invading Iraq was a bad strategic blunder. (Oct 2004)
# We must make sure that Iraq is stable having gone in there. (Oct 2004)
# Advance the training speed and get the reconstruction moving. (Oct 2004)
# Democratizing Iraq will be more difficult than Afghanistan. (Oct 2004)
# Never fudge numbers or shade the truth about war. (Jul 2004)
# Set a new tone to internationalize the Iraqi reconstruction. (Jul 2004)
# Iraq war was sincere but misguided, ideologically driven. (Jul 2004)
# Not opposed to all wars, but opposed to the war in Iraq. (Jul 2004)
# International voice in Iraq in exchange for debt forgiveness. (Jul 2004)

Voting Record (what there is of it)
# Voted to fund war until 2006; now wants no blank check. (Nov 2007)
# Late to vote against war is not late to oppose war. (Jun 2007)
# Spending on the Cold War relics should be for the veterans. (Jun 2007)
# Would have voted no to authorize the President to go to war. (Jul 2004)
# Voted YES on redeploying US troops out of Iraq by March 2008. (Mar 2007)
# Voted NO on redeploying troops out of Iraq by July 2007. (Jun 2006)
# Voted YES on investigating contract awards in Iraq & Afghanistan. (Nov 2005)

--- End quote ---

Damn! That made me dizzy.....good job Popebama... :bow: :bow: God help us.


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