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A MUST READ: Why Socialism Always Results in Tyrannical Rule

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Attero Dominatus:

--- Quote from: Hella Jeff on June 10, 2011, 09:47:18 PM ---But they were not exclusively socialists. They were also authoritarians and dictators. I gave you an example of a non-authoritarian socialist state which allowed gun ownership. What I am arguing is that the confiscation of Firearms is not something inherent in Socialism.

You added the "(weaponry especially)" to that. If you look at the other "planks" youll find things like the abolishment of inheritance and abolishing the distinction between city and country and other things I dont think most socialists in the west seriously advocate.

--- End quote ---

Socialism is collectivism. All collectivist governments end up at the authoritarian end of the political spectrum no matter how well intentioned they begin, and authoritarianism requires that the citizenry have a disadvantage in firepower versus the police and/or military. Under collectivism, only the group (nation/race/religion/ideology/majority) has rights. Not individuals.

The National Firearms Act of stripped the citizenry of the right to possess class-three weapons manufactured after 1986. After hurricane Katrina, our semi-socialized government disarmed the residents of New Orleans their firearms. Those who think it cannot happen here are blind.

Hella Jeff:
Id like to just restate that Im not at all for Gun Control or Socialism. I just think its stupid that people keep drawing that conclusion. There ARE gun control advocates and there ARE socialists who want to implement their agenda. But this kind of paranoid wacking off isnt the way to stop them, in fact it HELPS them by making those on the Right look like nutjobs(I still to this day think Glenn Beck is a liberal plant. No one is that stupid on accident).

We have to argue with them on their own terms, we have to argue against the actual arguments they are making(No socialist in the western world is arguing for a national police force to round up dissidents). The reason we do that is if we go "WELL THATS WHAT HE SAYS BUT WHAT HE REALLY MEANS IS______" then the debate is pointless. Then they can pull the same thing on us "THEYRE REALLY JUST RACISTS" "THEY JUST HATE POOR PEOPLE" and then the discussion goes nowhere, its not a discussion at all its just name calling.

Socialism seems pretty cool until you meet actual party affiliated socialists. Those ****ers are crazy.


--- Quote from: Odin's Hand on February 18, 2011, 07:50:08 AM ---It's humorous how liberals always attempt to distance themselves from their like-minded ilk in the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei simply because their ethos was of white racial purity and the context of the day is to enslave those of other races outside of Caucasian in the U.S. to the modern Democrats' party banner.

--- End quote ---

I love reminding liberals of this. They always stand in shock after hearing the Nazis were socialists. It's true and political spin and the media has warped peoples minds so that they'll forget. Professors in colleges have something to do with the spin as well of course.

Very interesting to read this thread since the coronation of Emperor Obinga.  All that stuff that the banned liberals posting here, were screaming would never happen?

Guess what?  Like it was put in overdrive.

You stupid bastards

--- Quote ---  The basic tenants of socialism are:
1. Seduce the populace into accepting the government as the arbitrator of all problems; government from cradle-to-grave
2. Begin delivering on those services to make the citizens dependent
3. Take away the citizens' guns
4. Increase taxes on all services while destroying any free market alternative services
5. Blame the chosen scapegoat for the inability to meet demand for services
6. Have the centralized national police force round up any dissidents
--- End quote ---

1.  Went to plaid starting in '09.

2.  ObingaCare.  Own it.

3.  Boy, are you little assholes trying.

4.  ObingaCare.  Own it.  It's whole purpose is to destroy the private insurance industry.

5.  Blame the Tea Party.  For everything.

6.  This is happening.  Disbelieve it, at your peril.

Nice list.  Very prescient.


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