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Border Patrol scrambles to fill gap in wall left by Biden administration


DLR Pyro:
this administration is a joke.  one day one bidunce cancelled 2 things that were keeping the southern border under control.  The remain in Mexico policy for asylum seekers and the construction of the border wall.

The Supreme Court over ruled his stupid cancellation of the remain in Mexico policy and Border Patrol agents are taking action by building some kind of barrier to stem the flow of illegals and potential terrorists into the U.S.

--- Quote ---When President Biden took office in January, his administration ordered an immediate halt on the construction of a 30-foot high border fence, leaving a gaping hole at one of the most vulnerable stretches of the US-Mexico border.

The 20-foot gap in the frontier wall at Border Monument Three — one of the 276 original markers erected after the Mexican-American War in 1848 — was allowing thousands of smugglers and migrants to cross into the US with relative ease, Border Patrol agents told The Post last week.


Desperate to stem the migrant flow at the remote, mountainous site at the confluence of the Texas, Mexico, and New Mexico border, Border Patrol agents took it upon themselves to plug the hole — with old truck tires and pieces of stray construction materials that were left behind by the federal contractors.

"We have some agents who are good welders, and they put it all together," Border Patrol agent Barragan said.

In June, the Biden administration formally announced plans to pull $2.2 billion of funding allocated by President Trump for the construction of the border wall and spend it on other projects amid a surge in migrant border crossings.
--- End quote ---

I'm expecting the feds to come down hard on those agents who closed that gap.

old dog 2:

--- Quote from: Zathras on September 06, 2021, 12:25:00 PM ---I'm expecting the feds to come down hard on those agents who closed that gap.

--- End quote ---

Yeah, probably get fired for doing their job.  It's the new normal!


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