Author Topic: Good Economic News, But It's Mostly from Repub-run States  (Read 296 times)

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Good Economic News, But It's Mostly from Repub-run States
« on: September 04, 2021, 03:34:41 AM »
I notice a couple of Repub-run states not mentioned in this list -- my own state of Arkansas, which is run by RINO Asa Hutchinson, a lame duck (thank God), and Mike DeWine of Ohio, another tyrant RINO.

Last week, the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE) released a report that they say the “picture painted here is clear.”

According to FEE, ten states have already returned to pre-lockdown unemployment rates, or very close to them. The ten states are Nebraska (2.3%), Utah (2.6), New Hampshire (2.9), South Dakota (2.9), Idaho (3.0), Vermont (3.0), Alabama (3.2), Oklahoma (3.5), Montana (3.6), and Georgia (3.7).

Now get ready for the ten states with the worst unemployment figures.

They are: Arizona (6.6%), Louisiana (6.6), Pennsylvania (6.6), Washington, DC (6.7), Illinois (7.1), Hawaii (7.3), New Jersey (7.3), California (7.6), New Mexico (7.6), New York (7.6), and Nevada (7.7).

Please note that the least bad of the bad states, Arizona, has an unemployment rate nearly double that of the least good of the good states.

Can you guess what almost all of the worst-performing states have in common?

Yup. Dem governors, or in the case of D.C., a Dem mayor.

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