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The Skeleton In The Electric Car Closet


The Skeleton In The Electric Car Closet

--- Quote ---You probably have not heard anything other than praise for electric cars in the mainstream media. They are sexy and environmentally friendly too, we are told. The first may be true, but not the latter. Batteries are not good for the environment, and their raw materials are mined at the expense of human health.

Rare earth metals are needed to make efficient batteries. The minerals are found in low densities in the earth’s crust, and tons of rock need to be mined, filtered, and transported in order to find the amount required to make a vehicle battery. Typically, the energy needed to create them exceeds the amount that they store during their lifetime. That is why they are so expensive.
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Electrical cars are environmentally friend on the surface. The truth is they are not. The batteries they use is highly toxic. Mining the rare metal to make the battery is dangerous and toxic.


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