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The REAL FAKE NEWS exposed: '97% of scientists agree on climate change'


J P Sousa:

--- Quote --- the 97% consensus number comes from just 75 scientists that were hand-picked from an email survey   
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---  Out of the hundreds of thousands of scientists in the world, only 75 of them were selected to "count" for the climate change survey that every mainstream media news organization quotes as FACT. 
--- End quote ---

Whenever it comes to "environmental" issues, my first thought is always which democrats are involved in the manufacture of the current B-S.

This quote probably sums up all the liberal hysteria from the past 50 years;

--- Quote ---Lies do not become facts just because the New York Times repeats them

All this explains why everything the lying mainstream media tells you about so-called "science" is a collection of carefully constructed lies: Vaccines are completely safe, GMOs have no environmental risks, the stock market will always go up forever, aspartame is safe for babies, pesticides don't cause cancer and human biosludge strewn onto farmers' fields is just "organic fertilizer."
--- End quote ---

Barbara Streisand’s 10,485 square foot main house I'm sure takes enough electricity to run a small town.
Same thing for Al Gore’s 10,000 square foot Belle Meade residence.

Meanwhile, Ed Begley Jr.'s 3,800-square-foot house is considered modest by Hollywood standards. Ed Begley Jr., BTW, was caught in a "sting" by undercover journalist James O’Keefe to fund an anti-fracking propaganda film supposedly by a "Middle Eastern oil tycoon".

--- Quote --- Among the Hollywood characters exposed in the sting were actor Ed Begley, Jr., an “environmentalist” who serves as governor of the Academy Awards board, and Academy Award-nominated actress Mariel Hemingway.

--- End quote ---

The left are just a bunch of liars looking to "control the people", as Rep. John Dingell (D-MI) famously put it;


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