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[-] Global Warming, Its Myths and Its Truths

[-] Nationalized Health Care and Its Potential Horrors


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[1] MEDIA BIAS: CNN's Pro-Communist Propaganda

[2] Barack Obama on the issues. (includes his voting record)

[3] Health Insurance Reform: What Families Should Know

[4] IRAN: DNI Retreats on NIE of Iran Nukes

[5] AFTERDOWNING: Their ammo

[6] SADDAM: Clinton's speech in 1998 - 'he is a threat with WMD's'

[7] EUGENICS: Brit NHS to Stop Treating Obese, Alcoholics, Smokers

[8] TERRORISM: American Airlines Flight 77 WAS A Hijacked Airplane, NOT Missile

[9] PALLYWOOD: Muhamad al-Dura Murdered by Palestinians, not Israelis


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