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[-] Global Warming, Its Myths and Its Truths

[-] Nationalized Health Care and Its Potential Horrors


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[1] MEDIA BIAS: BBC Outright Defames Israel, Aids Terrorists

[2] IRAQ INTEL: Who Mishandled Curveball

[3] HIPPY-CRITES: Anti-War Rhetoric = Rise in Terror Attacks

[4] Al-Qaeda Commander in Northern Iraq: We Are in Dire Straits

[5] List of Thwarted Terror Attacks Since Sept. 11

[6] QUR'AN: What Every American Needs to Know About the Qur’an

[7] MEDIA BIAS: Blow Jobs for Abortions

[8] PALLYWOOD: Al-Dura Murdered by Fellow Philistines for Cheap Propaganda

[9] ECONOMICS: Fair Trade Policy Does More Harm Than Good


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