Author Topic: Oregon town declares emergency to offset state COVID-19 emergency powers  (Read 117 times)

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“After we got no response from the governor,” McQuisten says, “we brought forth the Emergency Declaration, and batted the language back and forth for a couple of weeks.”

What resulted from this work in March was an official declaration by Baker City: “RESOLUTION DECLARING AN ECONOMIC, MENTAL HEALTH, AND CRIMINAL ACTIVITY CRISIS DUE TO THE CURRENT COVID-RELATED STATE EMERGENCY DECLARATION AND RELATING OSHA MANDATES AND GUIDANCE.” The resolution passed a city council by a vote of 5-2 on March 23.

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They keep using conflicting terms -- "Resolution" (which is meaningless in a totalitarian regime like in Oregon) and "Emergency Declaration" which has a bit more teeth, but not much more.

Better than nothing, I guess. Kudos to them and the mayor for doing SOMETHING.
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