Author Topic: Link to 'free' 265 page satire on liberalism: "WTF! This is a Liberal Utopia!"  (Read 9022 times)

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Review: "Scary but so true of some of the "unintended consequences" of our liberal doctrinaires wish to put forth. Should be required reading in every Political Fundamentals 101 course.[/size]In some ways this is scarier than Orwell's 1984!"

My personal website features details and download links for my conservative, wordsmith’ed novels…novels today’s liberal-dominated, wizards of smart (the publishers) in their imaginary “Land of Oz” would, of course, never let see the light of day. All my ‘works of art’ are FREE, so please, enjoy!
Special note: This is the new, improved, professionally edited version of the satire on liberalism, so enjoy! :panic:

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Well, I've added you to my daily Feedly RSS subscription.

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Liberal utopias are conservative nightmares.
There were only two options for gender. At last count there are at least 12, according to libs. By that standard, I'm a male lesbian.