Author Topic: VIDEO: Sanjay Gupta Suffers Hilarious "Homina Homina" Moments on Joe Rogan  (Read 167 times)

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Dr. Sanjay Gupta appeared on Joe Rogan's podcast and ended up suffering from Ralph Kramden type "Homina! Homina!" moments when confronted with evidence about CNN flat out lying.

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 :rotf: I heard some of the interview this AM on Armstrong & Getty. Gupta kept trying to deflect to another subject, and Rogan kept yanking Gupta back to the basic question, "Why did CNN on-air people lie?" :rotf: It was a wryly amusing little dance. :lmao:

Putting CNN's and other MSM's outlets' lie in context, little old non-media person me knew that the possible effectiveness of ivermectin was being investigated in Australia. I first heard of it in spring or summer 2020. I'm no genius, nor am I retired with time on my hands to do more rooting around for news. So the possibility that all those MSM folks did not know of this and did not know that ivermectin is used in humans is simply non-credible to me. And a simple 10 or 20 second visit to W'pedia would have told them that ivermectin is on the the World Health Organization's List of Essential Medicines.

IMO, those MSM folks did know, but believe their audience so ignorant that they would buy the MSM lie. I have to admit, many DU-grade Progs proved themselves that ignorant.
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