Author Topic: Its All Gonna BURN. Anderson Cooper pisses his pants Over Trump's evil plan.  (Read 175 times)

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'That's terrifying': Anderson Cooper shaken after hearing Harvard scholars' 'dark' predictions on US

CNN host Anderson Cooper was left shaken on Tuesday after two Harvard scholars explained how the Republican Party has radicalized itself against democracy.

Political scientists Steven Levitsky and Daniel Ziblatt, authors of the bestselling book How Democracies Die, appeared on Cooper's program to explain how their studies of democratic failures bode ill tidings for the future of the American republic.

"It is pretty dark," said Levitsky. "When we wrote How Democracies Die four years ago, we were worried about the Republican Party because they allowed Donald Trump to be elected. They sort of dropped the ball and failed to protect our democracy from an authoritarian demagogue. But we did not expect that the entire Republican Party would evolve into an anti-democratic force, and that's where they are today."

Ziblatt, meanwhile, compared past instances in which democracies in European countries survived anti-democratic insurgencies, but he said that stopping those insurgencies depended on members of establishment parties standing firmly against them.

The Harvard scholar did not think that today's Republican Party is currently up to the task.

"Looking where we are compared to other countries, it's not looking very promising," he said.
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3. I Want To Leave, But My Parents Are Still Alive

I'm 55, and I think any opportunity to do so, is fading. I'm destined to be a grumpy old man, going day to day generally unhappy, and pissed off at people.
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7. As a fellow grumpy CA guy who's 55 within the next month ...

Who's mom and stepdad are (thankfully) still alive and kicking ... I feel you brother.

And I'm here for ya

Honestly though if things devolved too much, they have the resources to get us the three out of this country, and they just might. Mom's mom was born in Canada so she and him could probably just go, and then sponsor me after a time (I think is how it works).

Mom's talked about it ... she's pretty scared about the anti-democracy developments herself.
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8. This is not the country I was born in or grew up in.

I don't recognize it anymore.
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10. Cut off the head

TFG must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Go after his cronies (Bannon, et al) and throw the book at them, too. They should be left rotting in prison cells and bankrupt for the rest of their days.

The Republican Party itself must be taken down like the FBI went after the Mob. Prosecution of corruption will start the process. We also must have full-on democratic reforms (e.g. RCV, proportional, multi-member districts) that allow multiple parties to compete and eviscerate any built-in structural advantages that currently benefit the GOP. Force the existing parties to break up into factions and build Parliamentary-style coalitions. That will go a long way towards making our system more representative.

Above all else, starve the ****ing Republican Party beast to death. Drown it in a bathtub. Do whatever it takes to ruin them and wreck their batshit insane reactionaryism--before it wrecks the country completely.
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How democracies die? You cheat the vote as much as possible to put tyrannical Democrats in office.

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You see, any lamentations about democracy dying ring hollow when coming from the democrats. We're supposed to believe it's not all the shit that megalomaniacs on the left are doing, but the people resisting them who will kill democracy.

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How democracies die? You cheat the vote as much as possible to put tyrannical Democrats in office.

To quote the New York Times with whom the primitives cannot possibly disagree, "democracy dies in darkness."

Indeed it did, behind closed doors during the middle of the night in several states.
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CNN host Anderson Cooper was left shaken on Tuesday after two Harvard scholars explained how the Republican Party has radicalized itself against democracy

Projection, pure and simple.

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BMM and MesSNBC are competing kabuki theater outlets.
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