Author Topic: VIDEO: Nancy Pelosi Says YES YES YES YES to IRS Tracking $600 Bank Transactions  (Read 88 times)

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Judging by the number of YES's she gives in support of the IRS tracking $600 bank transactions, Pelosi appears to be mighty  enthusiastic about this idea.

NOTE: As you can see in the video, there should have been one more "YES" in the title but it wouldn't fit.

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That was almost painful to watch.  While I'm sure that Peloski is enthusiastic about the idea, there is something else going on here.  It looked like some kind of nervous tic.  Some kind of brain damage.  I think that with all of the botulinum toxin she has had injected into her face over the course of so many years some of it has been leaching into her brain and causing damage.

I believe this should be investigated in much the same way that the brains of old football players who have had lots of concussions have their brains donated to science to be studied after they die.  People like Peloski and old Hollywood actresses who have had lots of Botox injections should have their brains studied after they die because there is something fishy going on here.
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looks like she had a triple shot expresso after hitting the meth pipe
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64.I'd almost be willing to get a job in order to participate in

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The blood of tyrants runs in her veins. She will support anything to crush a free people into slaves.

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I'm not watching because all I can see is that scene from "When Harry Met Sally" but with Pelosi's face in place of Meg Ryan's.
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