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What shortages?
« on: October 11, 2021, 05:03:55 PM »
Star Member OhZone (2,910 posts)

What shortages?

OHNOES! I keep hearing that there are supply chain shortages, but, so far, I'm not seeing it at all at the Jersey shore.

Grocery stores fully stocked.

Dollar Stores fully stocked.

Makeup and cosmetic spots good.

My favorite clothing outlets OK.

Maybe it's regional thing?

What is short in your region?


Star Member AZSkiffyGeek (4,980 posts)

1. Lots of weird miscellaneous grocery items in Phoenix

Staples are good, paper products are still good, but odd individual snack foods and such are out.
Better Cheddars
Sprite Zero 12 packs (2 liters seem okay for now)
Eggo Waffles
Misc. flavors of Gatorade
Misc. Quest Protein Bars

I've noticed that meat and dairy prices are going up as well.

I'm a project manager for an ISP supervising fiber Internet deployments. A lot of the equipment we use for our deployments is out of stock, or running around 12 weeks behind as well. Stuff held at the border due to a lack of drivers to take it to our warehouses.

Star Member StarryNite (7,075 posts)

25. I've noticed the same thing in the north valley.

Particularly at the Fry's I shop at. Just odd things not on the shelves. For several weeks it was the plain seltzer water that wasn't available. Also some of the lunch meat that I normally buy and the turkey bacon were not available. I'm wondering if there will be frozen turkeys in for Thanksgiving. Few customers wearing masks. Few employees wearing masks. The store looks dirty. It's still shocking to me that the Walmart up the road seems far cleaner. All the employees wearing masks and the majority of the customers wearing masks. At least early in the morning when I go in.

Star Member luvs2sing (1,724 posts)

2. I was in a Walgreens last week..

that literally looked like it was in the final days of a going out of business sale. This was in an upscale neighborhood which made it more surprising. I haven’t seen many shortages, but I also don’t do a lot of shopping in stores right now. The supermarkets are well stocked in my community. Even the Walgreens nearest me has always been well stocked. The Target nearest me has been poorly stocked for about three years now. They obviously have bigger problems.

I’m in Columbus, Ohio.

Adding..Frito-Lay products have been in short supply, but that’s probably because of the strike.

Star Member Siwsan (20,120 posts)

4. Canned cat food is the only thing I've noticed

When I was at a Meijer store, their shelves were pretty much empty of the canned food. No problem with the dry. The locally owned pet store I shop said they were also not getting deliveries on schedule. I've stocked up on canned kitten food. I can figure out how to make something for Sophie but the kittens need certain nutrients so I'm kind of fussy about feeding them the appropriate kind of food.

Star Member johnp3907 (3,178 posts)

6. I work at a Whole Foods in Pittsburgh.

I’m in the cheese department, and we keep running out of staples like shredded sharp cheddar and Mexican blend. I’m on my break right now, and on my way to the break room our grocery manager told me the distributor doesn’t have enough staff and that he can only order about half of what he needs.

tulipsandroses (3,399 posts)

8. I don't see a shortage of personal goods but seeing big increase in prices

There does seem to be a shortage on bigger ticket items like furniture. My parents ordered a couch several months ago, it still has not arrived. I went to AT Home Store last week and was shocked at how little they had. I used to get lost for hours in there.

Runningdawg (3,401 posts)

9. What I am seeing in Tulsa

$ stores and discount clothing stores don't have any socks. Make up, health and beauty wiped out at outlets like Target, Walgreens, Walmart. Sally's Beauty and the barber supply was stocked Ulta looked good too, but prices have gone up at all. My stylist raised the price of a hair cut from $20 to $30 because she no longer stacks clients 3 deep but I'm sticking with her for now.

Star Member paleotn (11,125 posts)

20. None that I'm aware of. Northern New England.

In fact, we're doing way better than Spring 2020.

Star Member ProfessorGAC (50,368 posts)

24. Not Much

One popular item of note are the sports drinks.
The supermarket I go to most often usually has all shelves full, front to back, except no Gatorade or Powerade. Weird.
But, I seldom see short stock at either store unless it's something like ice cream near the end of a super sale. (E.G. - One store was selling 48 oz. cartons of Dean's ice cream two for 5 bucks.)
We do, however, live very near warehouse central for the Chicago market. 50-60 enormous warehouses (1.2 - 3 million square feet) and 3 intermodal facilities. Half of those are within 10 miles of our house.
People more distant may be having shortages we don't see.

Star Member Earth-shine (1,249 posts)

26. Computer chips are in short supply driving up the cost of such things as automobiles.

Before the pandemic, the graphics card I wanted was $200. Now, it's $500. Supply vs. demand.

Star Member mwooldri (9,781 posts)

27. I haul glass. Big sheets of glass.

The smallest size I haul is 96" X 130" biggest is 130" X 240"... These get turned into windows or shower/bath enclosures or anything you can think of that has sheet glass involved. I'm being run ragged. I gotten roped in to fill in on a contract job over the summer in NY State, I did OK enough that my employer offered me a contract (dedicated) job way closer to home. I get to be home most weekends. But we're still being run ragged.

Plus I'm being headhunted. A fricking truck driver, being headhunted. I'm no fancy businessperson; I didn't complete my business degree (family, other life gets in the way)...

Basically there's a shortage of blue collar workers, and anything blue collar workers are involved with are affected. Yep, so I'm getting something other than Gatorade at the supermarket (that's the most obvious shortage I've seen). Some chips are short (yes there are chips but not necessarily the brand I want or flavour I want). Some sandwich meats are short - generally it's brands and selection, not that there isn't any (there is) - the depth and breadth of choice isn't there. To summarize things: you can get what you need, but not necessarily what you want.

If you're not seeing the shortages, lucky you. They exist. Be thankful we're not in the UK - it's worse there because the eastern EU workers left when Covid struck and have zero incentive to come back... leaving the indigenous British population trying to figure out what to do.

Star Member joetheman (1,335 posts)

30. Also, except for gasoline and other energy inflation is not as bad as the media is reporting.

Real estate is high but primarily in the wealthy areas...let the greedies have at it. I just left the super market and almost everything is marked down. Meat is not moving so they drastically reduced prices on beef and pork (except for bacon). Canned goods are still higher than pre-pandemic but really off their highs of a few months ago.

It the inflation cry another one of the setups by the GOP to harm Biden and the Dems? Just wondering.


Star Member OhZone (2,910 posts)

38. That's what I'm thinking -

it's partly an exaggeration to attack Biden.

I mean, an "Independent" facebook friend shared a meme that started out with a lie, about Dollar Tree going to 3, 4, or 5$.

I heard they might go to 1.25 or 1.50 for some items, JUST LIKE Dollar Zone and Mall stores did years ago, but it really pissed me off.

It's not like Dollar Tree to become Family Dollar or Dollar General, which are NOT Dollar stores to begin with.

Oh well.

Star Member Sucha NastyWoman (1,912 posts)

39. We have an oversupply Of thinking we need so much stuff.

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Re: What shortages?
« Reply #1 on: October 11, 2021, 07:38:39 PM »
Star Moron OhZone intended for his/her thread to be an all-hands show of support for LIEden with a CT on the side. Looks like it didn't quite go as hoped.

We're seeing a few odd random outages here. Diet DP in 12 oz. cans are not to be found, but regular DP is easily available. A restaurant can't serve certain items because they don't have a certain key sauce or ingredient.

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Re: What shortages?
« Reply #2 on: October 11, 2021, 07:52:01 PM »
The talk of shortages is for the near future, like a month or two. a LOTT of truckers are not on the road. The lockdowns severely affected the supply lines and things are soon coming to a head.

IF we do have problems the DUmmies will be the very first to cry about it.

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Re: What shortages?
« Reply #3 on: October 11, 2021, 08:24:57 PM »
Here is the Briebart article about this issue.

Supply Chain Crunch: ‘There Will Definitely Be Weeping Children This Holiday Season’
Jammed supply chains are already beginning to threaten the possibility that holiday shoppers will fulfill their wishlist, financial experts say.

Co-head of AlixPartners’ retail consulting practice, Joel Bines, told the Financial Times that retailers will have difficulty securing the “most in-demand” items this year for consumers to purchase for their families at Christmas.

“There will definitely be weeping children this holiday season,” Bines said. “Black Friday doesn’t exist; the holiday season doesn’t exist, not as it used to,” he explained about the change in supply chains that has forced stores to expand the holiday season. “It’s essentially October 1 to January 15.”

Savita Subramanian of Merrill Lynch Japan Equity and Quantitative Strategy Responsibility told Reuters the holiday shortage is related to the coronavirus. “COVID-related supply chain problems extend beyond consumer goods, and it’s easy to find long-term signs of global friction,” Subramanian said about the difficulty of stocking items on shelves early enough.

For instance, Lowe’s chief financial officer, David Denton, said the company has decided to try to circumvent the supply chain issue by shipping in items even earlier. After a quick start to Halloween and Christmas, consumers were buying items that were also “coming in earlier than we originally planned,” he said.

Denton noted that expanding the amount of time retailers have to cater to holiday shoppers stretches merchants’ capital, forcing them to allocate money to inventory where it sits until consumers purchase the items.

The earlier timeline is due to the delays consumers remember experiencing in 2020, he said, so last-minute shoppers will also perhaps shift shopping to earlier in the year. But that also benefits merchants.

“Merchants are going to enable that because they don’t want to tie their capital up,” Denton added, noting that stores will also try to free up shelve space by offering seasonal discounts to help the inventory continue to flow.

Cushman & Wakefield, a real estate company, told the Times that demand for the warehouse is at an all-time high, increasing the cost for companies to store the items that have been brought in earlier than normal.

Logistics Managers’ Index also indicates warehouse prices are at an all-time high, the Times reported.

Morgan Stanley additionally suggests that the supply chain shift will just create higher costs for consumers. “Consumer discretionary companies of all kinds are on the cross of supply shortages, higher logistics costs and higher labor costs,” they wrote.

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Re: What shortages?
« Reply #4 on: October 11, 2021, 08:50:54 PM »
I've seen alot of shortages with my own eyes to know it is true. The grocery stores are worse than when the chinese flu first hi in 2020.  Now that the DUmbass DUchebags at the DUmp have stated there are not shortages or supply problems, I know it is more true than I feared. The DUmbass DUchebags at the DUmp  are the best reverse barometer on actual events, times, and reality ever found.

The shit is definitely about to hit the fan and it is going to be everyone for themselves in the blue states and blue cities.
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